Resource Identifiers

This section describes the use of resource identifiers on Brass

Resource Identifiers or resource id for short are unique global identifiers used across Brass to tell apart resources. Every resource - e.g. payment, contact, account, e.t.c. - created in Brass will have it's own unique identifier.

These identifiers have the format {prefix}_{code} and it remains consistent for a resource from the point of creation.

Some example identifiers can be found below:

Resource IDDescription
cnt_7B7iXYdRNEcwSLs07hiWfhcnt is the prefix for Country resources
cty_40hhTVjT1YZ2TxQEjjK2hFcty is the prefix for Customer Type resources

Using resource ids

When calling an endpoint that needs the reference of a resource (for example see the List Customer Types endpoint), you should provide the resource id for the reference item.

You'll always find resource id as the value of the id key in Item & Collection responses .