Status Codes

This section describes the response codes used across the API

The Brass API uses standard HTTP response codes. For instance, this means: any 2xx response is successful while a 4xx means that there was an error with the data provided (like an invalid identifier number).

These errors can sometimes be handled programmatically by your application when we provide an error reason.

In the case of 5xx errors, this means we encountered an error in our software, which we will work to fix immediately.

2XX Success

Status Code


200 OK

The request succeeded.

201 Created

The request succeeded and the new resource was created (usually returned from POST calls).

202 Accepted

The request has been accepted for processing, but the processing has not been completed (usually returned from endpoints that need to perform some processing in the background; for instance, account statement creation)

4XX Client Errors

Status Code


400 Bad Request

The request cannot be processed due to some bad data provided

401 Unauthorized

The authorization key was invalid

403 Forbidden

The authorization key is valid but the user does not have sufficient permissions for the action

409 Conflict

The request conflicts with another request or resource.

422 Unprocessable Entity

Data was invalid or missing required parameters

429 Too Many Requests

The authorized user has issued too many requests.

5XX Server Errors

Status Codes


500 Internal Server Error

Our server encountered an error while processing your request.

502 Bad Gateway

A backing service that's required to process your request is failing, for instance, by returning an unrecognised response

503 Service Unavailable

A backing service that required to complete processing your request is unreachable